Musical Vibes: Eclectic and wide-ranging, from Classical to Rap, Jazz, and Electro. Huge fan of Daft Punk and Kendrick Lamar.

Arnaud Perret is the Funky Sound Studio leader and creator of the brand DEBUSSY. He began his career in startups at early age. He has acquired solid knowledge in the field of online marketing, lead acquisition and traffic monetization.

Today at 31, he is specialized and experienced in new technologies. Trendy and ahead of this time, he uses his flair and expertise in new technologies and big data to create disruptive products, both useful and attractive.

With a successful experience in the market of innovative technology products, whether at Startup Maker Studio startups Grenoble, hexo + or iBubble Camera, it gathers all its expertise in hardware, software and data, to offer to passionate music in search of his true revolutionary audio products that combine high-tech, Artificial Intelligence and the best available audio providers.