Created by Arnaud Perret, a young visionary entrepreneur who is addicted to beautiful sound and new technologies, Funky Sound Studio is a French startup whose mission is to serve the music and its artists by creating smart and beautiful listening objects adapted to the modern world.

Supported by a strong board of investors from the French music industry, two successful serials entrepreneurs, a skillful engineering team, and high-level partners, Funky Sound Studio is about to reveal its first brand, Debussy, at the CES conference in Las Vegas in January 2018.

It’s 2017 and music is everywhere. Driven by a limitless Internet and a multitude of streaming services, listening opportunities are more diverse than ever. This never-ending plethora of musical selections widens as the world’s growing appetite for music expands. Not only has the library grown but when, where and how we listen changes every day.
In addition, there is a critical quality gap between traditional audio offerings and our new way of consuming music. A poor Wi-Fi connection or a non-homogeneous coverage cause these outdated audio products to frustrate music enthusiasts and audiophiles. They want total freedom when listening. They want perfect sound. They want to be as close to the artist as possible.

Combining innovation and quality, Funky Sound Studio engineers have invented Debussy’s innovative products. They are developed and assembled in France, with faultless sound, technology and aesthetic – giving you infinite, musical perfection.