“I passionately love the music. And because I love her, I try to free her from the sterile traditions that suffocate her.” Claude DEBUSSY  

Through our French luxury audio brand, Debussy, we will communicate values of Freedom, Creativity, and Sharing – those most valued by consumers.

“DEBUSSY,  It’s a passion for sound and freedom. It’s an obsession to transmit as close as possible to the sound experience created by the artist and everywhere. This is a search for a sound happening. Listening will never be the same again.   Our products are dedicated to the passion for music, refinement, excitement, and pleasure: a perfect connection to the sound, music whatsoever. DEBUSSY’s smarter listening objects empower its user with this perpetual happening where we can let go. DEBUSSY enables you to let go the outside world, release that of the everyday stresses and escape to one of emotion by music and sharing.” Arnaud Perret – CEO Funky Sound Studio

DEBUSSY provides the perfect connection space to music, an escape to harmony, and to a space of freedom and self-realization. Our ambition is to create products that audiophiles love. We want to capture perfectly the work of artists’ passion and deliver it in full color and subtlety, then to passionately share that love.